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4th Sechenov
Biomedical Summit
(SIBS 2020)
November 17-18, 2020
Sechenov University
Moscow, Russia


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D.Sc. in engineering, Head of the Department of Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, Saratov, Russia

Scientific topics:

  • Processing of metals and alloys by high frequency currents (HDTV)
  • Development of laboratory equipment for induction processing (structural modification of the surface, hardening, melting)
  • Plasma spraying of metals and ceramics
  • Electrospark alloying of metal surfaces with refractory metals (tantalum, zirconium, titanium, cermets)
  • Laser surface modification (microtexturing)
  • Technological processes for the formation of oxide and oxide-ceramic coatings on small titanium products
  • Cementation and nitrocarburizing of titanium, structural and tool steels using high-frequency processing
  • Hardening of metalworking (cutting, stamping) tools
  • Study of the chemical and phase composition of materials and coatings using raster electron (SEM) and probe (AFM, STM) microscopy, as well as x-ray phase analysis (XRD)
  • Study of mechanical properties (hardness, elastic modulus, strength and ductility, FLD characteristics) of materials and coatings using macro-, micro- and nanoindentation, scratch testing, as well as uniaxial and biaxial tension (compression)
  • Metallographic analysis of metals and alloys, including hardware and software processing (determination of porosity, calculation of statistical parameters of micro- and nanostructure elements)

Foreign cooperation:

Alexander Fomin has significant experience in international cooperation with representatives of the scientific community of foreign countries. The main area of research concerns induction heating and heat treatment of metal products, including small-sized titanium structures (implants) and metalworking tools (interchangeable cutting plates, exhaust and dividing dies). Combined processes using electroplasma deposition, vacuum condensation sputtering, electrospark alloying, spot resistance welding, colloidal nanoparticle modification of bioactive ceramics (hydroxyapatite), pulsed laser processing and microarc oxidation are actively developed and improved.

Contact us

Participation in the Summit
Yulia Bikulova, Ekaterina Markova
+7 (499) 390-34-38, +7 (926) 848-23-58
e-mail: sechenov-sibs@confreg.org

Participation in the exhibition:
Daria Andreeva
Tel.: +7 (926) 891 76 23
E-mail: sibs.summit@yandex.ru

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